About the project

Our son Lachie has haemophilia, a rare genetic bleeding disorder which means his blood does not clot properly. He's had a rough year and is currently dealing with an unresolved gastrointestinal bleed which has nearly cost him his life.

Watching him go through this ordeal has been so traumatic and we don't want other people to have to go through this. This prompted us to put our heads together and figure out a way that we could not only help Lachie, but everyone affected by bleeding disorders.

Bleeding disorders are quite rare, are not in the public eye very often, and don't receive a lot of funding. Treatment is also very expensive.

We thought we could raise some short-term funds and that might create an impact for a short amount of time, but we wanted to do something that could create a huge boost in awareness.

We decided the best way we could make a difference was to search for answers, and invite the public along for the ride by making a documentary of our experiences, and in turn raising awareness of bleeding disorders.


Get Involved

Making a documentary is both time consuming and expensive. If you would like to get involved and help us reach our funding goal, please click the link to find out how. Any amount will help get this project to a worldwide audience. Thank you so much!